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[Sticky] Quickpro Policies  

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QuickPro Enrollment

In the event that you cannot use or maximize your subscription due to emergencies such as hospitalization, natural calamities, etc and YOUR ACCOUNT IS ALREADY ACTIVATED, YOU MUST NOTIFY US THRU OUR FACEBOOK PAGE ( OR EMAIL ( with a VALID reason and documentations, so that we can set your account on hold for 2 WEEKS.

                                                    Failure to notify the Team, NO EXTENSIONS will be granted to you.

Chatwork Environment

  1. We do our best to create a calm and inspiring environment for everyone, with that in mind, please be respectful with your classmates and service agents. If you have concerns that you wish to express, you may PM the service agents directly or send an email via For store purchase concerns you may chat with WILLIAM or send an email to
  2. ALL CAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CHATROOM. Only your coaches, service agents and IT staff are allowed to use all caps for announcements and call-outs.
  3. If you wish to share a job post, please be sure to check the job description first. We do not allow scamming jobs, referral-based jobs, networking jobs, captcha, survey or Paysbook jobs. The only job posts we allow are the ones that pays you MONTHLY from a client who requires skills that are trained within our courses or professional freelancing jobs.
  4. Nude posts and vulgar words are not allowed in the Chatwork environment.
  5. Sharing accomplishments is encouraged.
  6. Understand that all chats within Chatwork might also be used for advertising purposes (Example: When a student just got hired or you’re very happy with the QuickPro Experience).
  7. Zoom classes are posted on Chatwork first and on the website after. So, if classes start and you can’t find the Zoom link, please scroll up or visit your QuickPro profile from the website.
  8. Enrollment inquiries may be communicated via Chatwork but we can’t assure instant reply. If you have questions about extensions, enrollments or upgrading members, please chat with our FACEBOOK PAGE messenger.
  9. Continuously breaking any of the regulations above despite many warnings will result to being expelled and kicked out of QuickPro. It is the staff’s decision when to kick you out or when to give you chances. No refunds will be offered. You will also be banned from joining until the next 3 months.

Chatwork Group Rules

Please follow these (2) Chatwork Group Rules:

  1.  Set a Profile Photo of YOURSELF (No other characters and can be recognized. Must also be set to PUBLIC).
  2.  Set your names in FULL (No nicknames, No first name only, No code names, No email address).

Follow our rules and stay in our community. Students who don’t comply ARE REMOVED to be fair to others. For detailed instructions on how to set up your profile, you may refer to this link:

Website Environment

  1. All content from the QuickPro website is strictly exclusive for enrolled students only. The files, documents, templates and scripts we offer you to download are to be kept and owned by enrolled students alone. Once the student’s account is expired, you are still allowed to keep the files, however you can no longer log-in to the website.
  2. QuickPro’s Exclusive Content Policy: The course videos are owned by QuickPro and is strictly not downloadable. Students caught downloading videos from the website using apps will be immediately expelled.
  3. You are also not allowed to lend your account with anyone else even your spouse or relative. The accounts are non-transferrable.
  4. Never give your username or password to anyone.
  5. Breaking any one of these rules can result to EXPULSION.

Zoom (Classroom) Environment

  1. During the live class, we encourage all students to turn on their videos, but not cumpolsary.
  2. Please remember to mute your mic during class if there are any loud noises in your background (e.g. television, dogs, babies, music, etc.)
  3. Please do not use the annotation tool during class.
  4. Remember the classes are recorded and all activities during class can be used for advertising purposes.
  5. Do not send nude or vulgar messages during classes (mic or chats).
  6. You are not allowed to record your screen during classes, this violates our QuickPro’s exclusive content policy.
  7. If you have complaints or concerns, please share them with our staff within Chatwork or send an email to Do not share them inside the classroom because it will only prolong the lecture duration.
Posted : 28/04/2020 10:41 am
Angelica Paduga
New Member

Hi there. Newbie po..i cannot see this kind of image (website environment) in your website?

Posted : 17/06/2020 5:42 am
Active Member

Hi, I'm not sure if my inquiry is under this topic but I don't know where else to post. 

Can someone please check on my account for Silver upgrade?

I was sent an email that I register on the same credentials but QP site says "user not found."

Got deleted as well at QP Chatwork community.

Have sent previous email for an earlier activation prior to my Bronze expiration to lessen this kind of incident but the email may have been overlooked.

Can someone reply to my email at

Posted : 17/06/2020 10:11 am
Dinah Ledda
New Member

Hi. I am a newbie. I have seen the word "chatwork" but I don't see it. Is it the same as the discord? When is it appropriate to use the QPforum and the discord? I feel that QPforum is easier to use with the search function. I get overwhelmed in Discord. There's a lot of conversation and I feel that if I don't read the different areas, I may loose some important info. I am also hoping to see a category where the newbies can discuss immediate concerns or  coaching. 

Posted : 13/02/2021 12:09 pm